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Matt & Rachel Swain

Owners of Heritage Farm

 Matthew and Rachel Swain grew up locally on small family farms just down the road from one another. They were married in 1994 and started a family and home of their own at that point. They both held a deep passion for the old way of life they were raised in and wanted nothing more than to continue on with this tradition.

 As a boy, Matt particularly loved making maple syrup with his father on their family dairy and wanted to share it with everyone. Heritage Farm began in 2000 with the purchase of the land from a neighbor, following the construction of the Pancake and Sugar House in 2003 the Swain's have been making wood fired maple syrup and delicious pancake breakfasts to go with it. Heritage Farm is one of the few major producers of maple syrup that continues the use of a wood fired evaporator in NH and if you ask Matt you can definitely taste the difference.

 For most of us, not far back in our family histories such farms were commonplace and are a part of each of our own personal "heritage." Heritage Farm was created with this vision of inviting everyone to go back to their roots and be able to visit and enjoy a piece of their past. We hope you will feel this connection when you visit us.

Swain Family Photo 2018.jpg
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